Split Case Fire Pumps​

Split Case Fire Pumps​

Series of WS (WATEX SPLIT CASE) fire pumps are serialization products as Horizontal Single Stage, Single Flow Volute Casing Centrifugal pumps with axial Inlet which designed according to NFPA 20 for firefighting Applications. Models


• Designing applies to NFPA20 Standers and specification in accordance with UL448
and FM approval

• Max shaft power point is attained by hydraulic performance instead of pump cavitation, which truly qualified for NFPA20 requirements, as well as ensure safety and reliability of pump units

• Adaptable of electric motor and combustion engine as prime mover

• Varied revolving speed or performance pumps can be supplied according to user’s requests

• Max shaft power point is closed to the point of 150% rated capacity therefore the power and cost are low

• Pressure at shut off point small which require lower pressure rating of fittings or accessories, save cost for whole unit

• Single model covers wide performance range, no need to purchase different models with benefits clients by reducing inventory and shorten delivery